Aleksander Caban is co-founder and CEO of auctoria. As an experienced game developer and designer, he knew there had to be a better way to do repetitive tasks like designing rocks and backgrounds. He realized AI held the secret to automating those tasks and freeing designers to create. Thus, the idea for auctoria was born.

His remarkable background in the gaming industry also includes co-founding renowned Polish VR game developer Carbon Studio in 2015. Over the past eight years, he has fostered numerous business partnerships for Carbon Studio, further strengthening auctoria’s position in the industry.

With Aleksander’s leadership and deep-rooted expertise, auctoria is poised to revolutionize the design industry, offering a streamlined and efficient solution for designers worldwide.

Michał Bugała is CTO and lead programmer at auctoria. His deep knowledge of AI languages and algorithms helped make auctoria’s vision a reality. During his time as a research and development engineer, Michal contributed to advancements in simulation technologies used by the military.

Recognizing the need for an AI specialist to bring his vision to reality, Aleksander sought out Michał for his expertise and exceptional skills in AI programming. Michal leads auctoria’s dedicated team of programmers. 

Michal has been instrumental in driving the development of acutoria’s innovative tool. His deep knowledge of AI languages and algorithms allows him to make informed decisions and devise effective strategies for implementing AI capabilities.  

Joanna Zając is co-founder, Product Owner and Business Development Manager at auctoria. Her business acumen and organizational skills are what ensure that auctoria’s revolutionary ideas are successfully executed. She’s the engine driving auctoria’s strategic partnerships and business growth.

Prior to joining auctoria, Joanna held the position of Business Development Manager at Carbon Studio. With a proven track record in managing teams and optimizing work processes across different industries, she brings a unique perspective to auctoria.

Joanna coordinates the work of the team, ensuring efficient collaboration and timely delivery of the product. Her expertise in managing teams, combined with her experience in business development, enhances the overall productivity and success of auctoria.