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Dive into the heart of innovation as a beta tester for auctoria, and play a pivotal role in sculpting the future landscape of AI-powered 3D design and world-building!

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Innovative AI-Driven 3D Modeling

Blending Art with Cutting-Edge Technology

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Tired of creating rocks and terrains? Let AI handle it, freeing you to customize.
Maximize efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Create entire worlds

auctoria proprietary
AI engine

Level Creation with auctoria

auctoria revolutionizes level creation, particularly within Unreal Engine and NVIDIA Omniverse, by simplifying the design process. Creators can efficiently bring their visions to life using our AI-driven tool. When integrated with Unreal Engine, auctoria combines its innovative capabilities with the engine’s powerful features, enhancing the ability to craft immersive environments.

Additionally, auctoria introduces an exceptional feature where entire levels can be created or modified through simple drawings or natural language. This unique functionality allows designers to quickly conceptualize and iterate their designs, turning sketches or verbal descriptions into detailed, interactive environments. This not only speeds up the design process but also makes it more intuitive and accessible, even for those who may not be experts in traditional 3D modeling software.

The tool’s compatibility with NVIDIA Omniverse further opens up possibilities for real-time collaboration and advanced simulations. Suitable for game development, architectural visualization, or crafting virtual worlds, auctoria redefines the standards in 3D environment design by merging ease of use with expansive creative potential.

Rock Creation with auctoria

The most remarkable aspect of auctoria’s rock creation feature is its accessibility. Even those without in-depth knowledge of 3D modeling can craft the exact rock shapes they envision. The tool’s user-friendly interface and AI-driven processes translate simple inputs into complex, detailed geological formations. This capability opens up a world of design opportunities, enabling users to achieve precise results with minimal technical know-how, making it an ideal solution for professionals and hobbyists alike.

What makes auctoria stand out is its ability to customize and blend rock types. Users can mix and match different elements, all while the tool maintains the physical properties true to nature. This ensures that the rocks not only look realistic but also behave realistically in various environments.

In auctoria, creating rocks and geological features from simple shapes is both intuitive and innovative. Currently, users can choose from several dozen rock types, and soon this will expand to a library of nearly 800 rocks and minerals. This extensive selection allows for a vast array of creative possibilities, perfectly catering to the needs of diverse projects.

3D Model Creation with auctoria in Unreal Engine

auctoria brings the power of AI-driven 3D model creation directly into the Unreal Engine editor, offering an unmatched level of convenience and efficiency in environment design. Without ever leaving the editor, users can effortlessly generate elements of their 3D environment, streamlining their creative workflow.

The process is straightforward and user-friendly. You simply define the size of the object you need, generate a preview, and then choose the option that best fits your vision. Need columns? Walls? Sculptures? With auctoria, these are all just a click away. Every model comes ready to use, complete with collisions, materials, and textures.

This capability significantly reduces the time and effort traditionally required in 3D modeling. auctoria’s integration with Unreal Engine means that designers can stay in their creative flow, rapidly iterating and visualizing ideas in real-time. It’s all about making the design process as smooth as possible – auctoria puts an entire library of customizable 3D models at your fingertips, ready to be integrated into your project with ease.

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With auctoria, you can create a wide range of 3D content, including stunning landscapes, detailed models and realistic rocks. Whether you're designing video game environments or visual effects for movies or architectural renderings, our tool provides the flexibility and precision you need. You can find examples of some artworks generated by auctoria in our gallery.

No, you don't need any prior experience in 3D design to use auctoria. Our tool is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to both beginners and experienced professionals. The AI algorithms handle the complex technical aspects, allowing users to focus on their creativity while having fun creating with ease.

Absolutely! auctoria provides a range of customization options to ensure your creations meet your specific requirements. You can adjust parameters such as textures, lighting and object placement or details to achieve the desired look and feel.

Yes, the output from our tool is compatible with popular 3D software and formats. You can seamlessly import the generated 3D models, worlds and rocks into applications such as Blender, Maya, Unity or Unreal Engine for further refinement or integration into your projects.

auctoria stands out due to its ability to significantly accelerate and simplify the process of creation. Imagine you’re a graphic designer who needs to create a game level with various landscape elements, such as rocks. Using traditional methods, you would have to spend hours manually sculpting and placing each rock, which can be tedious and time-consuming.

And now imagine that you can utilize our AI-powered tool, auctoria, to generate the entire level within minutes. auctoria automates the placement and creation of rocks and other elements, allowing the designer to focus on customizing and adding intricate details to the level. This not only saves valuable time but also enhances the creative process by eliminating repetitive tasks and empowering designers to bring their unique vision to life.

By streamlining the creation process, our tool enables artists, game developers and designers to allocate more time and energy towards refining their creations, experimenting with different variations and achieving a higher level of quality and customization.

Ultimately, the unique combination of speed, ease-of-use and customization capabilities sets auctoria apart, revolutionizing the way 3D content is created and empowering users to unleash their creative potential like never before

The time required to generate 3D content using auctoria depends on the complexity of the project and the level of customization desired. However, our AI-powered tool significantly accelerates the creation process compared to traditional methods, allowing you to achieve results more efficiently. Our goal is to allow users creation of models and environments within minutes.

We plan to release the beta version of auctoria towards the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024. As for the pricing, it will be based on the number of generated models. We understand that different users have varying needs, so our pricing structure will be flexible and scalable. This approach ensures that you only pay for what you use, making it cost-effective for both individual creators and large-scale production teams.

Please note that the exact pricing details will be announced closer to the beta release. We're committed to providing transparent and competitive pricing options that cater to the diverse needs of our users.

Yes, we will offer a free trial period during which you can explore the features and capabilities of auctoria. Additionally, we provide interactive demos and tutorials on our website to help you get started quickly and make the most of our tool.

We have a dedicated support team ready to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter while using auctoria. You can reach out to us via email or through our support portal and we'll promptly address your inquiries.

Yes, we take data security and privacy seriously. We do not share your information with third parties without your consent.