During his years working as a game developer, Aleksander Caban, the CEO of auctoria, noticed a big problem. Creating rocks, hills, paths and other basic environmental elements manually is time-consuming, expensive and repetitive. He experienced first-hand the frustration and inefficiency that developers across the world struggle with on a daily basis. 

Imagine you’re a designer who is building an entire world – complete with immersive experiences and complex storytelling. Now imagine that instead of spending your time on the most important aspects of game design, you’re spending hours and hours creating individual rocks for the background. It’s a waste of your time and your company’s money.

Luckily, Aleksander knew there had to be a better way. By incorporating AI into the process, creating environmental elements and backgrounds could be exponentially faster and more efficient. From this idea, auctoria was born. 

Rather than spending hours creating environmental elements manually, auctoria’s proprietary AI engine enables designers to create them in minutes. With auctoria, you can input a shape, sketch or a text prompt and quickly get beautiful AI-generated elements that your team can customize and refine. It’s time to free humans to use their time and creative energy to design the important things rather than wasting time on small, technical details.

It’s our mission to empower designers of all skill levels to do the most imaginative work they can in the most efficient way.